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Mario PrandinaLet me introduce myself…
My name is Mario Prandina, alias Plinio il Giovane.
Plinio il Giovane never sleeps, he dreams! Every piece of furniture is handmade, one at a time, using all-natural materials which fully respect nature – the human being’s only true friend. It all started back in 1975, in a workshop in Milan downtown, next door to the Brera Academy. There, surrounded by artists and designers, Mario Prandina (a dreamer with his feet firmly on the ground) worked on designing and producing an original collection of light framed ecological furniture for the Milanese public, using old fashioned methods of joinery. The Plinio il Giovane brand is very popular today. It has become well known thanks to the several articles in the press and in trade magazines as well as to the highly original communication campaigns, based on the topic of life as a dream that can come true and the world as a place to love and the future as a project to be fulfilled. Plinio il Giovane has created a collection which conveys a strong respect for nature, as well as the concept of safeguarding the carpentry trade in order to pass it on to future generations.
Whoever purchases a piece of furniture from Plinio il Giovane, is not just buying a product but also a way of life, since Plinio’s furniture is designed to last for a hundred years, thanks to his idea of adapting its functionality over time to meet the different requirements of life. Ecology doesn’t simply mean producing furniture using natural materials. It also involves designing products that in thirty years’ time will still be functional, in style as well as in structure. Our historical collection, Eclettica, is a shining example, it can be used today as a sofa as well as tomorrow as a bed to meet the needs of different generations. Plinio il Giovane has lots of dreams that – he hopes – will come true. He has loads of projects in his head. Someone is born a dreamer but later becomes an idealist. If you love life and believe that the planet is full of wonderful things, then everything seems easy. We hope we can transmit these feelings to others.