Philosophy - Plinio il giovane


… and what if life were a dream you could make come true?
… and what if the world were a place to love?
… and what if the future were a project you could actually achieve?

Back in 1975 a man who was a dreamer (but with his feet firmly planted on the ground) began designing and producing ethical furniture as his mission. His mission was, and still is, to reappraise the manual work of our master tradesmen. In order to educate and inform his clients, the first collections were produced from century-old wood retrieved from disused beams from farmhouses that were being demolished around Milan. This innovative experiment to recycle as a social objective was written about in the newspapers and in the trade press and the word began to spread. The innovative design of those items of furniture produced using old traditional methods, guaranteed them long life as well as beauty. Today, 40 years on, they are still in demand and represent a type of architecture that no longer exists. The collection is constantly updated with new products, the company balance sheet is healthy, but first and foremost, these items can be found in the best shops in major cities – and not just in Europe. Our detailed narrative that speaks of these extraordinary carpenters, smart metalworkers, historical weavers and refined upholsterers helps to bring alive for our customers all the stages of production. I am fortunate to be surrounded by creative talent, by people have a desire to continuously improve, and together we are able to come up new solutions, products for the home and for the hospitality sector, for a public that is increasingly sensitive towards the emotional content. We sell and deliver throughout the world and also take care in our choice of ecological packaging as well as the logistics to order to provide a personal service for each individual client. Our retail collection is available on-line in four languages, as well as in a 140-page catalogue and also a smaller pocket version. The Contract Collection is to be found in a special catalogue, designed to stimulate the creative minds of those involved in both domestic and hospitality projects. We are a group of passionate people in love with what we create. We are able to build a Noah’s Ark for those of you who want to save yourselves from the universal flood of the banal that surrounds us today.
Our future today is a project to be brought to fruition…

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